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Die & Mold

Currently, Die & Mold activities are fully part of the mass production industry, to support the demand of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronic, packaging and more. The newest available technology, such as sophisticated CAM software and new generation machine tools, always faster and with better performance, for Die & Mold customers, are the ideal and necessary tools to achieve targets such as high quality niche products, longer life of the molds and even faster machining with greater profitability. For the Die & Mold industry, there is a need to be able to count on a cutting tools company with reliable tools to deal with the processing of free form shapes. YG-1, as a global leader in the manufacture and application of cutting tools, brings you these innovations worldwide in the form of superior tooling, expert support and world class delivery.

High-hardened steel is used widely in the Die & Mold industry to manufacture parts such as Jet Turbine Blades, as represented by the picture on this page. High-hardened steel poses significant machining challenges, requiring the toughest of tools. YG-1 has got just the solution in the form of our excellent X5070, YG Mill, i-Xmill families for milling, and Dream Drills - High Hardened line for holemaking.

Die & Mold

Die & Mold

The molds becoming more and more a complete production systems and, at the same time, complexes that imply different characteristics in their components, among which is corrosion resistance (for example for hot runner and manifolds). Hence the use of stainless steel. Thanks to the characteristics of its products, YG-1 is able to support Die & Mold Customers for the processing of these specific materials also.

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