YG-1 Composite Materials


Composite Materials

Each industry in manufacturing presents multiple challenges. And, Aerospace manufacturing industry today is no stranger to these challenges,- working with materials (Carbon, Glass, Kevlar, … Fiber  einforced Plastics) in multiple applications, including primary structures such as airframes, engine and non-structural parts. Titanium in structural frame and working components, Inconel in parts located in the hot zones of the engine, and aluminum in airframe and other critical and non-critical components. YG-1, working with Aerospace OEM’s, machine tool builders, Tier 1, 2 and 3 for composite (CFRP) parts have developed est in class products, processes and relationships that drive success. These relationships built over time, are designed to bring you the most cost-effective and secure solutions available today.


YG-1, as a global leader in the manufacture and application of cutting tools, brings you these innovations worldwide in the form of superior tooling, expert support and world class delivery.

As a world leader of high quality End Mills manufacturing, cutting technology has always been the top priority of our research. YG-1 CFRP end mills (Routers) design and quality often determines the efficiency and quality of the machining process. Using the best-in-class carbide in the market, our tools are specifically designed and optimized for high efficiency in machining of CFRP parts and structures, speeding-up machining. We offer different geometries to cover all CFRP machining applications with highly innovative coating developed as a unique added value to enhance tool life and parts quality. YG-1 composite routers variety is a result of CFRP expert team designing, manufacturing and testing all the best selected geometries to satisfy all market applications with the best global support on site.

Composite Materials

Composite Materials

Hand held A broad range of pneumatic assembly tools are designed to give the highest possible level of productivity on assembly lines. Suited to manual drilling of holes, countersinks and counterbores, the hand drills reduce the risk of delamination and often do not require the use of a backing structure or back drilling. Dust free drilling is also possible and suitable for health and safety for production. It all adds up to maximum operator comfort and the highest individual productivity.

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