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Each industry in manufacturing presents multiple challenges, and today Aerospace manufacturing industry is no stranger to challenges, working with materials (Carbon, glass, Kevlar, … fibers reinforced plastics) in multiple applications, including primary structures such as airframes and engine and non-structural parts, Titanium in structural frame and working components, Inconel in engine parts located in hot zones of the engine, and aluminum in airframe and other critical and non-critical components. YG-1, working with Aerospace OEM’s, machine tool builders, tier one, two and three for composite (CFRP) parts have developed est in class products, processes and relationships that drive success. These relationships built over time, are designed to bring you the most cost effective and secure solutions available today. YG-1, as a global leader in the manufacture and application of cutting tools, brings you these innovations worldwide in the form of superior tooling, expert support and world class delivery.

Aluminium For generations, aircraft manufacturers have produced airplanes using the lightest possible materials available. Many of these airframe, structural and non-structural components are made from Aluminum Alloys. YG-1 addresses the challenges facing the machining of aluminum head on with ALU-POWER HPC, SPADE DRILLS and DREAM DRILLS ALU. These products address milling / drilling challenges such as smearing, heat build-up and poor finishes with an all new geometry, specifically made to reduce tool pressure, provide an escape path for chips, thus creating excellent chip evacuation, and coatings like DLC and micro grain substrates for extended tool life. Providing the needed geometries with polished flutes, extended length tools for better reach, corner radii selections, neck tools, and coolant through options, YG-1 covers your needs for aluminum, and also needs for larger diameter tools with even HSS and HSSCo tooling too. Drilling requires the same attentions, where SPADE DRILLS and DREAM DRILLS ALU, will give you the performance needed while drilling. ALU-POWER HPC – Your Choice in Milling Aluminum.



Dream Drills ALU Drilling and hole making require special attention to detail. Whether you are drilling blind or fine finishing, you will want the features that DREAM DRILLS ALU offers. Built to fit the needs of the Aerospace market, DREAM DRILLS ALU utilizes special point geometry, margin relief and polishing to make chips flow, thus making hole accuracy and penetration rates well above standard.

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